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My Mission

My mission is to provide nutritional recipes that just serve two with a wee bit leftover. Like me there is a large demographic of people who find themselves not cooking for large families any more, its an adjusted way of thinking, food shopping and cooking. I have a few recipes for four but this is because they are so good and fare well freezing and thawing for another day. I have also just added another category for quick meals and can be made to feed any size family. This was a request and thought a definite need for all our busy lives.

I also want to provide you with information about food trends, food functionality, food truths and myths. I have learned over the years working with food that the more educated you are about what you put in your body the better choices you tend to make.

All of my recipes have been perfected in my kitchen many times over and they are my favorites. In my home we love sweets so all my dessert batch sizes are large enough for enjoying over and over and over. And of course all recipes can be scaled up to accommodate more than the listed serving size, for assistance just email me.

So, if you like serving great tasting and great looking food, simplified cooking methods and exploring what rocks your palate take a peek at my recipes, tips and comments about food functions. If you like email me or leave a comment because comments and tips are welcome!

Explore and Enjoy!

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