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spanakopastaRecipe serves  a family of 8 most under 3 ft tall]

16 oz of Linguine [one box]

12 oz of fresh chopped spinach

1 tea minced garlic

1 medium chopped onion

1/2 Lb Italian Pancetta

1 pint of light cream

1 beaten egg

8 oz chopped feta cheese


Extra Virgin olive oil

Boil 4 quarts of water. Add lingiune and cook per package

Add spinach to the last 3 minutes to the boiling pasta waterDrain pasta and spinach addding a small amount of olive oil to keep the paste from sticking

Heal olive oil  to medium sauce pan and add chopped pancetta  until browned

Add onions and garlic once golden in color. Dont burnt.

Add light cream  and nutmeg to the sauce pan, stirring until almost reaching a boil.

Remove from heat and whisk in egg slowly, this will thicken the mixture.

Add 1/2 feta cheese and mix.

Pour over the noodle mix.

Toss and top with remaining crumbled feta cheese.

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