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Why Do Those Lil Office Creamers Need No refrigeration?

September 15, 2011

Kitchen Report, Sparky Replies

minimooWhats up with those lil office creamers… why do they need no refrigeration? Its because they are aseptically processed and this means the sterile real cream is packaged in a sterile container at an ultra high temperature for a short time.

Contrary to conventional methods this process retains more of the foods nutrients, has a longer shelf life and maintains quality without preservatives.

The cup is plastic, sterilized in a form fill seal process. The lid is a mix of paper, polyethylene and aluminum with a tight polyethylene inside which is hermetically sealed to the cup… after filling of course. Together these materials form a tight seal against microbiological organisms, contaminants, and degradation, eliminating the need for refrigeration.

The first UHT milk was introduced in Switzerland in the early 1960s. In fact, aseptic processing has been a common method for years in Europe and Asia. This process is fairly young in the United States, about 30 years but growing to include not just milk but many other liquid foods in various packages.

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